People were introduced to Self knowledge either during the course of the Study of Vedas, in one's childhood or through listening to the stories of Mahabharata, Ramayana or the Puranas. In adult life even though the majority may not have been pursuing Self Knowledge actively the various religious activities, culture and lifestyle in general, was designed to drive one towards a search for the truth at some point. For example, the third stage in a person's life, which is vanaprastha or living in a forest, was meant to devote most of the time at one's life, along with the spouse, towards this quest and finally commit oneself fully in the fourth stage or sannyasa, the stage of renunciation. And if the person wants to study the Upanishads then go to the Himalayas or Kasi, where the environment was ideal for gaining spiritual knowledge.

In contemporary society, even in India, due to the change in the education system to a predominantly English based western model there is hardly any exposure to spirituality, traditional values and Self enquiry. If at all there is, it is an outcome of the inherent cultural strength of the society and in spite of the education system. In one's adult life too most of the time is spent in running after various material pursuits and travel. Even if there is some teaching going on in the city you live in, the distance makes it very difficult to attend the classes. But the possibilities thrown up by technology has made access to this knowledge easier. That is why we are using Video conferencing to conduct these classes and bring them directly to your location, either your home or whereever you are travelling. So that spirituality can become a part of your routine. Only requirement is that you should make the commitment to make yourself available at a specific time..