Beginning from childhood, happiness is taught as a measure of how successful we are. And success is primarily defined in terms of material prosperity viz. money, wealth, power, status, career achievemets etc. At some point in the journey of life even if we manage to be reasonably successful happiness and peace of mind remain elusive. And even if we have achieved a good number of our goals we find that the goals are only being continuously replaced by newer ones! This is when question arises as to whether this mundane existence, this endless running around and the rat race is all worth it. We then start seeking spiritual solutions and begin looking towards Hatha Yoga, meditation techniques, visiting temples, trying to understand God, going to different spiritual organisations etc for help. Even though all of it may be somewhat helpful and even give a temporary peace of mind, the fundamental problem remains.

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Texts used for the classes

  • Bhagavad Gita

  • Upanishads (in a specific order)

  • Explanatory texts like tattva-bodha, atma-bodha, viveka-cudamani, Upadesha Saram etc.

  • Yoga Sutra (as and when necessary)

  • Sanskrit

  • Brahma sutra