The human predicament and the solution

Beginning from childhood, happiness is taught as a measure of how successful we are. And success is primarily defined in terms of material prosperity viz. money, wealth, power, status, career achievemets etc. At some point in the journey of life even if we manage to be reasonably successful happiness and peace of mind remain elusive. And even if we have achieved a good number of our goals we find that the goals are only being continuously replaced by newer ones! This is when question arises as to whether this mundane existence, this endless running around and the rat race is all worth it. We then start seeking spiritual solutions and begin looking towards Hatha Yoga, meditation techniques, visiting temples, trying to understand God, going to different spiritual organisations etc for help. Even though all of it may be somewhat helpful and even give a temporary peace of mind, the fundamental problem remains.

The fundamental problem of a human being is one of endless wanting/inadequacy. Inadequacy is not being completely satisfied with whatever I have or accomplish and craving for more. Inadequacy leads to stress, tension, anger, hatred, jealousy, fear and other psychological issues. We seek to overcome this inadequacy by endlessly seeking various external accomplishments like money, status, power, career, marriage, children etc. But none of it can really help to solve the problem of inadequacy, because it arises primarily from a wrong understanding of "Who I am". This problem can be resolved only by a clear understanding of myself, or in other words my true nature. This understanding is called Self knowledge and it is obtained through a systematic study of the eternally relevant scriptures like Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads and other related texts. Self knowledge alone can provide the permanent solution because the problem is one of Self ignorance. These texts give answers to various fundamental existential questions like What is the meaning of all this?, Where did I come from (into this world)? What is the purpose of this birth? Why do I have to go through all these various experiences? etc and many more. But because of the nature of the subject matter, these texts have to be studied systematically under a competent person for a length of time. Classes are all in English but preferably a study of these texts is accompanied with a study of Sanskrit.