One week residential camp for kids - May 2016

One week residential camp for children between 10 & 15 years

We conducted a traditional Gurukulam style camp for kids, a tradition where students live in and study with the teacher, in May 2016. The camp was conducted by teachers who have spent years learning the Bhagavad Gita & Upanishads directly from Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati. This camp intended to help children build their character, develop an attitude of reverence & respect towards Indian culture, heritage & knowledge traditions and inculcate values that contribute towards their emotional growth and well-being.

The camp setting was such that children could also develop new skills with a spirit of adventure and fun. The days were designed to be exciting, full of learning and enjoyable. Additionally the kids also learnt responsibility and cooperation and gain independence and self-esteem. With experienced teachers, beautiful facilities, and unique variety of activities, we tried to not just provide a fun camp environment, but shape and train young minds.

We aimed to providing a safe, stimulating and challenging environment infused with traditional values. Our program was designed to provide each and every participant with a safe, wholesome, fun-filled, learning camp experience, in a homely atmosphere, The focus was on helping young people learn more about themselves, strengthen self-confidence and teamwork skills.

We invited kids, between 10 & 15 years, to come and join us at the serene and picturesque Gurukulam for seven days replete with motivational talks and demonstrations, activities, games & films.

Photographs of the cemp

Camp faculty

  1. Swami Sarvananda Saraswati

  2. Lalitha Ramachandran - (Camp Coordinator)

  3. Srinivas Pulluri - (Camp Coordinator)


  • Yoga
  • Prayer & Shloka classes
  • Hinduism/culture/spirituality classes
  • Story telling sessions
  • Bhangra dancing
  • Stories from Mahabharata/Ramayana with emphasis on values & attitudes
  • Learning to perform 5 step Puja
  • Introduction to ancient Indian knowledge
  • Happy Assembly & Talent shows
  • Spoken Sanskrit
  • Classical singing
  • Temple Tour(s)


10 to 15 years


Healthy nutritious food including breakfast, two meals, milk, snacks. Special attention will be given to meeting children’s nutritional needs.