One week camp on Yaksha Prashna - May 2019

A one week residential camp was conducted at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore. Yaksha Prashna is a profound section from the Mahabharata, where Lord Yama questions Yudhishthira, on a variety of topics concerning ethics, code of conduct, knowledge of oneself, pursuit of the truth and the qualifications required for the pursuit, attitude to life in general, Universal order, etc.

There were 3 Vedanta classes for an hour every day. In addition to the Vedanta classes there were Guided meditation sessions in the morning and Satsang, where there were bhajans and question & answer sessions everyday in the evening. The camp was conducted by Swami Sarvananda.

Experience of some participants

Suguna Kiran, Chennai

The meditation sessions have been truly elevating and energising, facilitating focus and concentration on the entire day’s activities. I experienced a deep connect. The synergy of the group was great , for which the Acharya was the sole catalyst. A lot of joyous learning, helped me to switch the mind off in bits and pieces. Trust this will help me to practice more of it, constantly, in future. Sree Gurubhyo Namaha.......

Sowmya Balaji, Chennai

The camp helped me cut off from the auto pilot mode of routines and helped me pause to introspect what we are actually looking for. The meditation sessions helped in spending time with myself and attempt to reach the silence within in the cluster of thoughts. The extract from the Mahabharat may be small but the explanations, deeper meanings gave me a view into the immense knowledge of the epic, Gita and other Vedic texts that you, Swamiji, referred in the discourse.

Srividhya & Sairam, Chennai

The Yaksha Prashna retreat helped us as a family to get a much deeper understanding and appreciation for Sanatana Dharma. The way you brought in Gita and Mahabharata helped us to see how the same concepts were reiterated in different scriptures to emphasise the knowledge. We think it is only by the Grace of Ishavra that we got this opportunity. It made a significant impact on the children they loved the atmosphere and were engrossed with Nature and the temples. We seek your blessings for continued study and assimilation of this knowledge.

Muthukumar, Chennai

This is the first workshop that I attended of this sort. So it gave me lot of insights on Ethics to be followed by a person. I guess each text has its own set of Ethics. Say Yoga Sutra has its Yama, Niyama. How much of it can be followed is a difficult question to ask. But as always it has been, it sets the ideals to follow. To follow it or not is left to the individual persons capability, aspiration, existential situation and effort. I would say that these 7 days were good. Needs more contemplation, rigorous training of mind & body and willingness to follow. At least for me it was a good start. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity Swamiji.

Vanmathi G C, Tuticorin

The Vedanta classes were enlightening us towards the Supreme Consciousness. It made us understand how we are in the clutches of Maya. Sure Swamiji we will shed off our unwanted desires, Gunas etc. Your camp rejuvenated our mind, body and soul. Looking forward for such camps in future.